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MC Shaki AKA Dirty Red has been in the rap game for over 15 years. In 2007 he re released his 2004 mixtape "Street Heat Vol 1". Later in 2008 Vol 2 hit the street's with all new songs.

In 1996 after the passing of his mentor Eazy-E, Dirty Red was featured on DJ Yella's (One mo Nigga to go) The songs were: "Aint no Love" and "West Side Story".

Prior to that he was featured in songs on Eazy-E's (It's on Dr Dre 187um Killa) and (Straight off tha Streets of Muthaphukking Compton's) Classic diss track "What Would You Do"

A Little known fact about Dirty Red is that he wrote various Hit's for Eazy-E, including "Luv for Dem Gangstaz" "Any Last Wordz" and other's.

Today Dirty Red is bringing that raw gangster feel that was present back in Eazy-E's Ruthless Era. Keep checking this site for the latests on Dirty Red, and remeber, Real G's Stay Ruthless.



Lyric's Written by Ruthless Dirty Red for Eazy-E on display at the Grammy's Hip Hop Exibit in Los Angeles.




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